A Father-Son Duo Keeps the Barbecue Station Relevant

Barbecue Station.Texas was in the midst of a massive oil bust in the late eighties, and Bobby Peacock was bored out of his mind. “There’s nothing worse in the oil business than when nobody’s doing business,” he said. “You just sit there.” After two decades in petroleum, he felt it wise to seek another revenue stream. While traveling to small towns in Texas and Louisiana to make oil deals, Peacock became a barbecue connoisseur. “Anytime I saw smoke, I’d stop,” he said, and after so many visits, he thought running a barbecue joint “can’t be that hard.” Fittingly, Peacock found a building for sale that had been an Exxon gas station on the north side of San Antonio, and opened the Barbecue Station in 1992.“I had…

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