A Taste Test of Unusual Texas Barbecue Sauces

an array of bbq saucesThere’s no such thing as a Texas-style barbecue sauce, no matter how often the corporate condiment marketing teams try to convince us otherwise. The red sauces of Kansas City are sweet and thick. The barbecue dips in Owensboro, Kentucky, are as dark as crude oil. And in North Carolina, the vinegar sauce comes with or without a squirt of ketchup, depending on which side you’re on. But Texas doesn’t have a signature barbecue sauce. Sure, you might find tomatoes (or more likely ketchup) used most often as a sauce base here, and adding a bit of chili powder or cumin can provide a flavor that evokes generic Texasness, but there’s no consensus. La Barbecue in Austin recently teased a Sunday-only special of spicy smoked garlic…View Original Post

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