Backyard ’Cue Course: How to Dominate Your Home Smoker

Derrick and Kesha Walker in the pit room.The scale of barbecue output required to run a restaurant is a whole lot different from what the average backyard cook deals with on a weekend. It might seem like an entirely different process, but other than bigger smokers with many more briskets than your family probably needs, the cooking principles remain the same. For the special Ultimate Guide to BBQ issue we recently published, we talked with four pitmasters from across the state to gather some nuggets of wisdom that they’ve learned by smoking meat day in and day out. They provided tips on everything from wood selection to schedule making, and even reading the wind. Pitmaster: Derrick Walker, of Smoke-A-Holics BBQ, in Fort Worth Get the right equipment: Don’t think you’re getting restaurant-quality…View Original Post

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