BBQ News Roundup: Don’t Mess With Brisket

Patrick Joubert of Jube’s Smokehouse“You don’t come in here and mess with our brisket,” the Dallas Morning News wrote in its open letter to that “jerk,” the coronavirus. Pitmaster Patrick Joubert of Jube’s Smokehouse, in Fort Worth, told the Star-Telegram that although he’s worried about the dramatic increase in meat prices, he’s still choosing to invest in top-quality brisket: “You gotta pay” for the good stuff. At Interstellar BBQ, the pastrami beef ribs are “a gelatinous wonderland of richness.” Austin-based Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew is expanding to the North Austin suburb of Cedar Park. “Our goal is to re-create our original location and thank the Cedar Park community for all of the years of support they have shown us,” co-owner Catherine Stiles told Eater Austin. Progress is still being…View Original Post

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