Catch This Roving Barbecue Trailer If You Can

1082 bbq abileneShelly and Gerral Waldon had a rough day trying to get a load of cattle to a livestock auction in Abilene. After loading up a half dozen head into the trailer, Gerral forgot to latch the gate, and one cow escaped back into the muddy pasture during a downpour. “We had to dress back up in our work clothes and round her back up,” Shelly recounts, exasperated. When they finally got on the road, a windshield wiper stopped working. Halfway to Abilene, a rear tire blew out. Finally, they abandoned the hope of making it to that week’s auction. “It might woulda saved the little old bulls going to the slaughterhouse and ending up on our pit,” Shelly says. “They get one more lucky week.”…View Original Post

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