Derek Allan’s BBQ Proves Brisket Belongs on a Biscuit

derek-allan-brisket-biscuitThey started serving breakfast at Derek Allan’s BBQ in Fort Worth basically out of boredom. Derek and Brittany Crudgington had to be at the restaurant early to get things ready for lunch service and the briskets were already done, they just needed to add tortillas and eggs for breakfast tacos. When I first visited for breakfast in January, those tacos were great. A month later they fired up the oven and brisket biscuit became the breakfast feature. Eventually, the biscuit made it onto the lunch menu, and even onto the restaurant’s merchandise. Earlier this week, Derek was wearing a “Brisket Biscuit” hat as he stood behind the counter slicing away at a freshly smoked Wagyu brisket. They have had issues with their beef supply since…View Original Post

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