Get Your Party Rub on at Tailgaters BBQ

Tailgaters-BBQ-truck-Weatherford-Texas-trayPitmaster Dan Woods credits his father’s late-night brisket cooks for sparking his interest in barbecue. “I remember the excitement of trying to stay up when I would cook with him,” Woods, who grew up in Weatherford, tells me. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to learn all the lessons. His dad died when Woods was just eleven years old. As soon as Woods was sold enough to buy a smoker of his own, he did so—and started on a streak of pretty awful briskets. “I got so frustrated with brisket. I’d given up on it,” he says. But a great sale on brisket at the grocery store beckoned, leading to one more try. Woods put it on the smoker and monitored it carefully. But when it was…View Original Post

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