Has Texas Brisket Peaked?

Texas Brisket Has PeakedEvery four years, the Texas Monthly staff and I spend several months searching for the state’s best barbecue. Early in the process of building the new list of our 50 Best Barbecue Joints, which will drop on October 18, the goal was to separate the wheat from the chaff. This year, there was a whole lot less chaff than in 2017. Making great barbecue is hard, and there are plenty of ways for a pitmaster to foul up. Back then, the most frequent mistakes involved brisket. The meat was often undercooked and tough, or tasted like a chain-smoker’s ashtray thanks to the dirty smoke from a poorly maintained fire. This year, briskets across Texas were so delicious—and so similar—that we trained ourselves to look for…View Original Post

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