Holiday Gift Guide: For the Backyard BBQer

BBQ-gift-guide-illoThis year, the best barbecue-related gift of all will be actual barbecue. Restaurants need the support, so we urge you to order from one of the many joints that offer chilled whole briskets, turkey breasts, pork shoulders, and racks of ribs for pickup. If the backyard barbecuer in your life is farther away, choose from the long list of Texas restaurants that ship their barbecue anywhere in the U.S. But once you’ve finished that barbecue meal you ordered, you might realize you need to work on your smoked meat game at home. The following items will help home pitmasters cook more efficiently, precisely, and deliciously. Support Your Local Pitmaster hat, Robert Sierra, $30 San Marcos pitmaster Robert Sierra has designed a line of hats in…View Original Post

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