How One Pit-Repair Company Saved a Historic Smoker

M&M BBQ CompanyCorby Ferrell didn’t get the barbecue joint he was hoping for, but he did get to keep the smoker. Peggy Sue BBQ in University Park, which opened in 1946, closed for good in 2020, and Ferrell had plans to buy the restaurant in a joint venture with Benchmark Bank, where he is the president of the Park Cities branch. They were going to call it BBQ, with the bank’s logo making up the “BB,” and hire Matt Dallman, formerly of Dallas’s 18th & Vine BBQ, as the pitmaster. But developer Jim Strode was the winning bidder for the property, and he had plans for demolition. “Can I have the smoker?” Ferrell remembers asking Strode. The answer was yes, as long as Ferrell arranged the removal…

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