How to Cook Smoked Tri-Tip

smoked-tri-tipBeef prices are at an all-time high. As a result, those restaurants that are open have heavily tilted their menus toward ground beef consumption. Grocery store shoppers are also buying a lot of ground beef, as well as easy-to-prepare steaks like ribeyes, strips, and tenderloins. I asked Jason Schimmels, director of sales at 44 Farms in Cameron, which meats are getting left out of the mix. Tri-tip was the answer (although, ironically, it still hasn’t shown up in their online store). A cut popular in California, it comes from the bottom sirloin. As its name suggests, tri-tip is triangular in shape. We’ve shown you how to cook it on a two-zone grill set-up, but I wanted to test out a seasoning method. A barbecue joint…View Original Post

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