Huntsville’s Famous Church Barbecue Joint Is Resurrected

Holy Smoke BBQ exteriorDespite rumors of its demise, New Zion Missionary Baptist Church’s famous barbecue operation is still smoking in Huntsville. “A lady from Dallas called and said, ‘Y’all are on Netflix, and they said you were closed,’” owner Tameka Edison tells me. She’s referring to an episode of the new Netflix series High on the Hog, which spotlights Black culinary contributions, including those of her father Clinton Edison, a pastor at the church and former pitmaster at the restaurant. At the end of the segment, the show’s narrator says Clinton “closed the place down for good.” Tameka says watching the episode was a bittersweet experience: she saw her father rightly honored, then realized how many potential customers wouldn’t make plans to visit. “We need to get in…View Original Post

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