Liberty Hill’s Agape BBQ Smokes Meat With Love

Pork spare ribs, brisket, and sides from Agape BBQ in Liberty Hill.Jeremy Archer was ready to leave the barbecue game and go back to his corporate IT job when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020. He had opened Archer BBQ in Cedar Park, which he described as “a little shack in a parking lot,” a year earlier, and he could see a restaurant shutdown looming when his lease renewal came due. He was resigned to putting his dream on hold, but one of his regular customers, Brandon Reinoehl, changed his mind. Archer remembered him saying, “You can’t give this up. You need to keep going.” They agreed to partner up, and they found a former coffee shop in Liberty Hill, northwest of Austin, called Agape Java. They changed the second half of the name and…

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