My Favorite Barbecue Bites of 2021

Brisket and sausage platter at Tom and Bingos Hickory Pit Bar-B-Q in LubbockI visited a whole lot more barbecue joints this year than last. In case you missed it, we released a new top fifty barbecue list, and the search to narrow down that list was a long and winding one. I enjoyed more incredible barbecue in just a few months’ time than ever before. The current state of Texas barbecue is just that good.Our love for the smoked meats at those fifty joints is well documented, so no need to highlight them again with this end-of-the-year list. (I also haven’t included the best unconventional barbecue dishes I ate this year, all of which were superlative bites.) The creativity of those items and the ones below assure the future vibrancy of Texas barbecue. Now let’s get into…View Original Post

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