My Favorite Texas BBQ Bites of 2020

2020-bbq-bites-hurtado-tostadaLast month I was lucky enough to eat a couple slices of smoked Miyazaki A5 Wagyu brisket. It was a gift to LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue in Austin from Double 8 Cattle Company, and the whole brisket would have normally cost $1,700. This was the best bite of barbecue I had in 2020, although a cynic might point out that it wasn’t two hundred times better than a normally priced Prime brisket. I won’t include it on this year’s list because it didn’t make it on the menu, and because LeRoy and Lewis is already in our list of the 25 best new barbecue joints. All the joints on that list, along with our most recent Top 50, are out of the running. I guess…View Original Post

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