No, Barbecue Sauce Isn’t Evil

bbq sauce permission to dunkTexans love barbecue sauce. Hell, I love barbecue sauce. Yes, Lockhart’s Kreuz Market, once regarded as the Texas barbecue standard-bearer, refused for decades to offer sauce (or forks, for that matter). But that last holdout surrendered four years ago, when it introduced a sauce that’s heavy on the Worcestershire and vinegar and lighter on the ketchup than is typical in most Texas sauces. Kreuz’s concession, though, hasn’t stopped every out-of-state food writer who ever ate a beef rib in Austin during South by Southwest from distilling our barbecue tradition down to one simple adage: “Brisket good, sauce evil.” Well, it’s time to set the record straight: it’s fine to eat sauce with Texas barbecue.Maybe you already know this. Maybe you don’t need my permission to dunk…View Original Post

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