Recipe: Smoked Cabbage Steaks

Smoked cabbage steaks recipeSmoked cauliflower is, as they say, having a moment. Cauliflower “steaks,” cauliflower wings, and cauliflower burnt ends are appearing with regularity on Texas barbecue joint menus, overshadowing, I think unfairly, their cousin the cabbage. Both plants are of the Brassica oleracea species (as are broccoli, brussels sprouts, and a whole host of greens), but only one has a long history in Texas barbecue. Cabbage-based coleslaw is a member of the traditional trio of Texas barbecue sides, along with pinto beans and potato salad. Plus, at least at my grocery, a head of green cabbage is less than half the price of a head of cauliflower. If your local barbecue joint has a hot line of homemade sides, chances are it serves a variation of stewed cabbage. When…View Original Post

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