Tales From The BBQ Trail

tales from the BBQ trailIt’s the journey, not the destination,” the old saying goes. Alas, the old saying doesn’t apply to barbecue. When it comes to well-smoked brisket, spicy sausage, and tooth-achingly sweet cobbler, it is the destination, as anyone who’s driven many hours to an acclaimed small-town joint only to find it sold out of brisket can dejectedly attest. Still, in Texas, there’s something to be said for the journey, as well as for the encounters with food-service workers, fellow smoked-meat enthusiasts, and judgmental physicians before, during, and after chowing down. Such experiences may be fun, they may be life-affirming, they may be embarrassing, and they may even be downright harrowing, as thirteen of our barbecue scouts attest in the stories below.As I mapped out the thirteen establishments…View Original Post

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