The True Story of the Legendary Sam’s Bar-B-Que

sams-barbecue-austin-brian-mays-1Autographed headshots of celebrities, Polaroids of customers, and other photos and posters overlap one another to paper the walls inside Sam’s Bar-B-Que, in East Austin. Most are curled at the corners from age. In a room behind the counter is a massive brick pit that also looks like it’s from another era. Along with the sagging sign outside the front door, secured to the building by a trio of chains, it all looks as if Sam’s has held fast to this corner of East Twelfth and Poquito streets forever, but most of what you see was built (or rebuilt) after a devastating fire in 1992, the second time we almost lost Sam’s. “All this stuff we have is from ’93 and up,” says Brian Mays,…View Original Post

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