TM BBQ Club Newsletter – December 2020

Hi BBQ Freaks!  I’ve been spending some time around Lake Texoma, up on the border with Oklahoma, and exploring the barbecue options in the area. In Sherman and Denison, that’s going to include plenty of brown gravy sauce, a regional specialty. Gravy with barbecue? I know, it sounds odd, but it’s not really the gravy you’d serve with mashed potatoes. It starts with brisket drippings that are thickened with flour or cornstarch, then spiced up like a barbecue sauce. The original recipe is credited to Po Sam’s BBQ of Colbert, Oklahoma, which closed long ago, but most of the joints serving it now are in Texas. Fine BBQ in Sherman and Bear’s Smokin’ BBQ in Denison are two barbecue trucks keeping the tradition alive, but…View Original Post

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